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Judul Pengaruh Kompos Blotong Tebu sebagai Bahan Organik pada Tanaman Tembakau Vorstenlandden.
No. Panggil 633.871 Ban.P
ISBN/ISSN 9789795620372
Pengarang BANOWATI,Galuh
Subyek/Subjek Kompos Blotong Tebu
Klasifikasi 631.871
Judul Seri
GMD Research Material
Bahasa Indonesia
Penerbit UNY
Tahun Terbit 2016
Tempat Terbit YOGYAKARTA
Kolasi 9p,ill,tab
Catatan Prosiding Seminar Nasional
Tobacco is an important commodity in Indonesia, the need for improvement oftobacco is on culture techniques, in particular the growing media. Organic matter or compost in planting medium is an effort to improve tobacco culture techniques.
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of blotong compost application in the growing media of Vorstenlanden tobacco during the first 2 months on the growth. Research metode is using RCD, with 7 treatment dosage level of blotong compost (10 t / ha (A1), 15 t / ha (A2), 20 t / ha (A3), 25 (A4)., 30
(A5), 35 (A6 ), and 40 (A7) ton / ha plus control and repeated 3 times.
The results showed that the content of organic C obtained from the soil media was 0.39% (very low), while the content of organic C in blotong compost is 3.20% (high). When linked with the organic matter content after the experiment is 1.91 - 2.88%, C-organic as one indicator of the availability of organic material is available and used by plants.
Parameter growth on leaf area and root weight showed significant differences in dosage level of compost blotong 25-30 ton / ha, it can increase the area of tobacco leaf and root weight Vorstenlanden age 2 months significantly, 7916.98 and 6151.51 cm2, and 22.80 g and 22.80 g.
Keywords: tobacco,blotong compost
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